Our design team’s job resides both in terms of technical knowledge and creative sense.
The team takes care of the design itself but also thematization and new product’s development.

We do not pretend to have the monopoly of creativity : our design department remains attentive to your ideas, suggestions and original projects.

Whether you have modest or important requirements, the quality of our 3D tools ensures you a new and modern result.

Our development team works daily to bring new features and improvements to your gaming equipment.

A successful playground doesn’t just boil down to the game structure!Have you thought about the following ?

  • Secured access and exits.
  • Access for disabled persons (and ramps if needed).
  • Cafeteria

  • The choice of floor covering is paramount : children walking in socks !
  • To avoid any incident, choose preferably furniture with rounded corners.
  • The playground must be close enough to the main building so parents can relax while letting their children in the playing area.
  • Keep the playground away from the reception area if possible
  • Birthday places.
  • It can be close to the kitchen but separating doors for each room are recommended.
  • Functional furniture decorated according to the theme of the playground.
  • Special throne for the birthday child.
  • Public liability.
  • Take advice on all matters related to your insurance.